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Service - The IPTrade Advantage

 The IPTrade Advantage:


  • Complementary synergies – A rare combination of skill sets in writing, evaluating, enforcing, litigating and selling patents
  • We’re attorneys, not brokers – We are ethically bound to represent the exclusive interests of our clients and conduct ourselves accordingly
  • A-Z service – We have the ability to thoroughly analyze the inherent value of a patent as a potential asset, present it as marketable real estate and identify the best possible suitor from a business perspective enroute to bringing a client the best possible financial outcome
  • Ready for risk – We are willing to incur costs that may never be recouped while attempting to properly position and sell your patent; we only take on what we believe in and we always believe in our ability to register a win on your (and our) behalf
  • Effective Results – IPTrade’s connections to leading entities interested in patent acquisition, including leading Fortune 500 companies and non-practicing patent aggregators, allow us to present patents credibly and secure strong valuations.
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