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Your payday is our payday


Typically, our clients have already invested considerable financial resources in researching and developing their inventions and converting them into registered international patents. Incurring additional expenses in order to possibly sell a patent on the global market is therefore not a preferred course of action.
IPTrade is sensitive to this issue and has built its business model accordingly. Our faith in our ability to deliver positive results on behalf of our clients is the driving force behind our success-based fee model. Contingency fees allows us and our clients to share a common business goal. Moreover, the contingency representation model also allows us to provide quality representation to clients who lack the resources to pay hourly fees.
Once IPTrade has investigated the merits of a potential property and entered into an agreement with the client, we require the right to exclusively represent the client for a period of six months. During that time, we set the wheels of patent commercialization in motion on a client’s behalf and incur all necessary expenses on the road to presenting the client with the most attractive offer possible. Once the terms of a deal are in place with a prospective buyer, our client retains full veto rights.

IPTrade receives compensation for its services – a percentage of the sale agreed upon prior to commencement of the project – only once the sale is finalized and full payment rendered to the client.

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