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Our Team

Dr. Gal Ehrlich - Founder

Gal Ehrlich is one of Israel’s foremost patent attorneys, with an eclectic background in science and the law. Earning a B.Sc. in Biology and a subsequent Ph.D in Genetic Engineering from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he went on to pursue a degree in law from the Tel-Aviv University Law School. The marriage of these two domains would eventually form the basis for the establishment of Ehrlich & Partners (2000), Israel’s fastest growing patent attorney firm. 

During his academic career Gal authored over 25 papers, chapters and books in the fields of Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, Law and Ethics. He has since served as a lecturer at the Faculty of General Studies and the Faculty of Law of the Haifa University. Gal is also a member of the Society for Medicine and Law in Israel, participating actively in its research committee.

Since 1994, Gal has been involved in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in all high-tech fields including Biotech, Agrotech, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Computers, Communications, Physics, Chemistry and Medical Devices. He has personally drafted and prosecuted over one thousand patent applications.

As of 1 December 2006, the firm of Fenster & Co. merged with Ehrlich & Partners, becoming Ehrlich & Fenster. Currently employing over 120 patent professionals, the firm serves thousands of clients, including leading universities and academic Institutions in Israel, tier-1 companies, start-ups and private inventors.

Amit Ehrlich - CEO

Amit Ehrlich is a field-proven attorney with extensive experience in commercial litigation as well as in Intellectual Property, corporate, commercial and banking law. An honors graduate of the Academic College of Law in Ramat-Gan, he maintained a varied civil practice for several years covering a variety of legal domains. His affiliation with Ehrlich & Partners (currently Ehrlich & Fenster) began in 2002. Amit serves as the firm’s chief Legal Counsel.

Since 2006, Amit has focused on assisting patent holders to monetize their patents, including developing and implementing licensing programs and conducting patent sales negotiations for clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations and founded IPtrade ,an Ehrlich initiative for patent monetization where Amit serves as the CEO.

William J Plut - USA Affiliate


Will has been involved in invention monetization and the patent space since 1997. He currently resides in Silicon Valley, CA, where he leads Patent Profit International LLC, an organization specializing in the sale of valuable patents in association with IPTrade. Will practiced prosecution for over eight years at a leading Silicon Valley prosecution firm and is a member of the US Patent Bar. He has also founded and helped develop several Silicon Valley Start-Ups. Will is also the lead inventor of over 35 patents and patent applications, and has successfully monetized his own inventions.

Will wields a very broad range of technology expertise and has experience in computer software, semiconductor device fabrication, robotics, wireless technologies, electro-mechanical devices, medical devices, network technologies, batteries, and electrolytic cells. Leading U.S. and International companies, venture capitalists, and other patent holders have utilized Will’s legal, technical, and business expertise to monetize their assets.

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